The Sun Enters Leo

The Sun Enters Leo

As the sun moves into Leo (July 23rd - August 22nd), we begin to regain the momentum and energy that we may have felt we lost during retrospective Cancer season. We took that time to slow down, feel our emotions, and go within. Now is our time to act, move and play. Leo is the sign that is ruled by the sun. This is the time when the weather is the warmest, which results in people acting warmer and more playful. After leaving the quiet, introverted, and internal moon ruled season of Cancer, we enter a fun sunshine- lead productive season. We feel more like ourselves and are ready to take on new hobbies, meet new people, and feel free of responsibilities as much as we can.

What is Leo and what does this mean? Leo is the Lion, the big hair, and warm coat. The brave and strong cat. A fixed fire sign. Fixed signs are the signs that fall right in the middle of seasons and for this fire sign, it falls in the summer, when the weather is warmest and everyone is ready to go. Leo is the actor, the performer, the big bold moves, passions, romance, fun and play. Fire doesn’t like to sit still.  It thrives off movement and passions. At its best, a Leo is loyal, energetic, a great leader, compassionate, big-hearted, generous, strong, fair, friendly, open hearted, passionate, optimistic, determined,  and so entertaining. At its worst, though, a Leo can be jealous, possessive, loud, self conscious, attention seeking, arrogant, stubborn, lazy, and competitive. Leo represents the 5th house of children, play, romance, fun, and performing. There is a childlike playfulness that comes out during Leo season and in people who have Leo in parts of their natal charts. It is a time where we feel connected to our inner child and want to share our passions with the world. Leos love to show off anything they can; their person, their clothes, and their talents. They want to make a mark on the world and show the world their big hearts.

What else should we look out for this month and how could it affect us?

Chiron retrograde is the most noteworthy transit this month. Chiron is an asteroid located between Saturn and Uranus.  Chiron, in our birth chart, represents the wounded healer and it is said if we discover our wounds and conquer them early, we can move forward and teach others how to do the same.  This retrograde that started on July 11th and will continue into December,  falls into the sign of Aries, another fire sign. When Chiron goes retrograde we tend to feel our wounds on a deeper level. We may have past traumas or fears show resurface either in the form of a new situation, in dreams, or fleeting thoughts that we may have thought we had forgotten about or at least already had dealt with and moved on from. This is a great time to take a step back and learn from our past mistakes and lessons so that we can move forward into a better healing space. Learning our lessons once and for all!

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