New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions
Time-honored tradition and/or social media obligation, New Years Resolutions have definitely become a significant part of our culture.

Around these parts we elect to choose a word of the year in leu of setting one or one hundred resolutions that tend to get lost in the shuffle of our everyday lives; then, each month we reinforce that word during our intention-setting exercises at the New Moon. We find that it’s an easy way to call attention back to our word of the year and support or goals.

Emily here. I think we can all agree that 2020 was way outside of our collective expectations. Through all the ups and (many, many) downs, one thing it illuminated for me was the need to quit defining myself by the current state of my business—I am not simply my business. I am so much more!

I’ve put my heart and soul into building Queen City Alchemy into something I fully stand behind and am proud of; but, I’m ALSO extremely creative, I’m a mother, a friend, a partner, a daughter, etc..

Which, is why I’ve chosen CONNECTION as my word of the year for 2021—Deeper connection back to myself (after being in survival mode for the last year), deeper connection to the earth and her abundant gifts, and a deeper human connection within my community in real life and online!

Have you chosen a word of the year for 2021 or made any resolutions for this year? Lay them on me! Let’s do this thing together!!!

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