Cancer Season

Cancer Season

Seasonal Forecast by Lori Kaufman, Astrologer

As the sun moves into Cancer (June 21th - July 22nd), we begin this new season in a totally different headspace than the last. We are tired and drained from the long days and high energy of Gemini season, but most of all we are coming out of a Mercury retrograde and eclipse season. But we will circle back to that! The beginning of cancer season is also the summer solstice. The longest day of the year. The sun is shining at its brightest in the sky. It's the official beginning of summer and we are feeling the heat and emotions that come with it. It’s a time of celebration and welcoming of summer as we shift from the fast moving, highly active Gemini season into a much calmer and chill place with Cancer season. That excitement of the warm weather has turned into some extreme heats and creates a search for water to cool off and reset.

What is Cancer and what does this mean? Cancer is the crab, our shell we hide in. The mother, the nurturer, the caregiver. A cardinal water sign. Cardinal signs start each season and are great with new ideas, new beginnings and love new experiences. They, however, are not always great with the in-between busy work or the follow-through to keep their ideas going. Water is the element Cancer falls in, water is emotional, intuitive, and remembers all. It goes with the flow. At its best, a cancer is loyal, caring and loving. A low road of Cancer can be passive aggressive, overly sensitive, and prone to drastic mood swings. Cancer is ruled by the moon and feels emotions in cycles. This also means that they are attracted to big bodies of water and may feel most at home when they are able to escape to swim, sunbathe, or play in the ocean. The moon affects the tides like it does emotions, adding a sense of peace and calmness for a Cancer. Cancer represents the 4th house of home, family and roots. We may feel tired, sentimental, and introverted. We may feel inspired to stay home and clean, reorganize, decorate, or invite guests into our home. We feel more inclined to reach out to loved ones, friends, or family whom we may have lost touch with. Cancer season brings a need for closeness and peace in everyday and home life. Comfort is number one for a Cancer. This can mean anything from dressing comfortably, to making a change in the home to feel more comfortable, or just taking a little bit of extra time to go within and let yourself feel. Also, Cancers love anything comfort which relates to food. Cooking, grilling, potlucks, you name it. This is the time to gather and chill with the ones closest.

What else should we look out for this month and how could it affect us? Well, for better or for worse, there is currently a lot going on in the sky. There are currently many planets retrograding and keeping us from feeling at our fullest capacity. But right now is a great time to look within, meditate, and focus on yourself. Do all of that inner work now so we can play later.

Let's start with the big one: Mercury.  Do we all know about our friend, Mercury, and the troublesome retrogrades that accompany this planet?  Mercury will finally go direct on june 22 in Gemini. There will be a week-long shadow period before things completely go back to normal. Mercury affects communication and the mind. It has been in its ruling sign of Gemini, which makes it a little easier on us all but still a time of feeling lost, confused, fuzzy. Communication and technology feel off, and nothing makes nearly as much sense as it used to. Mercury is the closest planet to us that goes retrograde and with it ruling our mind and communication, it's an equation for us to feel its effects more impactful than any other planet. 

Jupiter is currently going retrograde in Pisces on june 20th and will go direct in October, this is a time to be nicer to ourselves. Jupiter is luck and expansion and pisces is healing. As it moves back into Aquarius temporarily, we may see some Covid restrictions start to come back to keep the collective safe. Aquarius rules community and groups. Jupiter moving into pisces was a great time for movement and making us feel like “normal” is back. As restrictions may start to move back in, remember that it is temporary and it is for the best for the people. We will be completely back to normal in no time. Take this time to reflect on yourself, talk yourself up, work on personal healing and growth, so we can come back even stronger. Jupiter also rules travel, so taking some time to stay home wouldn’t be a bad idea. You may also experience some shifts in mood and experience a lack of energy.

Saturn has been retrograde since the end of may and will continue into october. Saturn is all about those life lessons. When Saturn retrogrades it's a time to do all that inner work that we may have put off. Especially with it being in the sign of Aquarius. We find that it may be easier for us to make sense or compute these feelings like the logical aquarian so that we can learn our lessons easier and hopefully move forward.

Finally, we have Pluto, which has also been retrograding since April and will continue until October as well. Pluto can rule illness and chaos, but it also rules our fears. This is a good time to focus on something we were, at one point, afraid of, deal with any repressed fears, and move forward with a new perspective. Pluto retrograde is happening in the sign of Capricorn, which means we turn towards our work situations and business arrangements.

Look at your own personal chart or contact an Astrologer for a personalized horoscope and to find what area of life to expect changes in and to see where retrogrades fall in for you personally. Take some time for yourself, journal a little more, stay hydrated, and enjoy the pool or ocean.

You deserve it!

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