A Light at the End of the Covid Tunnel?

A Light at the End of the Covid Tunnel?

The astrology of 2020 has been a topic of interest for many years with astrologers studying and formulating predictions based on historical patterns. It is obvious to say that this past year has been full of ups and downs for all of us, and as we look forward, there finally seems to be some good news with the transits coming up. So let's dive right into it!

On May 14th Jupiter is going to move into Pisces. What does this mean and why is this such a powerful and good thing? Let's break it down. Jupiter or “the great benefic”  is the planet of luck and expansion, whatever it touches ends up expanding on a larger scale and adds a sense of good luck to it. Pisces is the 12th and final sign in the Zodiac. This means endings, finalities, the unknown, and most importantly healing. Pisces traits are sensitive, creative, empathetic, and generous. Pisces just wants what is best in a healing way for the collective. This transit is moving through the United States 3rd house. This house is ruled by Gemini which means the focus is on learning lessons, communication, social activities, neighbors, and general interests and hobbies. The 3s in tarot and numerology stand for a unifying force, collaborations, and celebrations.

So what does that mean when you put these 3 pieces together? Jupiter (luck and expansion) in Pisces (endings and healing) in the 3rd house (unifying and social). This transit looks like the end of something serious and a big party on a large scale to celebrate. Pisces feels at home and comfortable in Jupiter, its traditional ruler, and it wants to spend this time connecting with others. This means that social aspects of our life are starting to open back up and restrictions are being lifted. Life is starting to feel a little bit normal once again.

To put this in perspective, Jupiter just spent the last year in Aquarius in the 2nd house, which is all about the collective, communities, and large groups of people. Aquarius tends to be a more serious sign, it wants the facts, it cares more about doing what is best for communities than individuals, and of course, anything unconventional or weird. It also rules the internet, which is why the internet had a spike in importance in the last year. The second house is ruled by Taurus, it likes stability, possessions, money, work, and routines. Meaning most of us had to rethink our finances in some way, had a career change, or may have had a change in spending or earning in the past year.

Although this transit coming up is a great sign for all of us, Jupiter is set to retrograde back to aquarius from June 20, 2021, until September 14, 2021. This retrograde might bring back a few more restrictions that we thought we were done with. This could manifest in a few different ways, a new strand found, mask mandates going away causing a spike, etc. None of these restrictions are going to be anywhere as serious as we have gotten used to in the past. Plus once Jupiter moves back to pisces we should be on the path to healing for good. Looks like we will be getting a fun summer after all!

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