New Moon in Aries—The Reprise

New Moon in Aries—The Reprise
New moon in Aries, part deux.

Feeling a little like Groundhog Day?

This rare, second New Moon in Aries in a month is coupled with a solar eclipse, making this time an excellent one to release control and trust the Universe.

Because resistance is futile.

Eclipses can represent turning points in our lives, endings, releasing things to allow for new beginnings. This eclipse in Aries can represent a time of reclamation of the self, the right to exist and take up space, the courage to face your fears/challenges/adventures.

As we approach the beginning of Taurus Season, take a tip from this steadfast Earth sign—slow and steady wins the race. Be gentle and patient with yourself and reflect on what’s coming up for you during this time.

Remember, everything is always working out for your highest good.

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