Gemini Season is Mercury Season

Ready for a breath of fresh air? Gemini Season is here! Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the Planet of Communication, we'll be focusing more on how we interact and get our messages across to others. Gemini energy can often be unpredictable and restless, but that's something that can be embraced during this time! Enjoy the natural curiosity and desire to interact with others during the Gemini season.

Workshops & Classes

Energy and Intuition Basics

Our Energy and Intuition Basics series is being presented by Francine Haydon and Rose Meenach exclusively for Queen City Alchemy. Join us to learn more about better tapping into your intuition and utilizing this superpower!


Making home more magickal.

Home is the heart and soul of Queen City Alchemy. Let us help you make your space, and the spaces of all those you love, even more sacred with thoughtfully curated gifts and decor inspired by nature.


Herbal Alchemy + Magick

Traditional healing wisdom, folklore, ritual, astrology and more by Queen City Alchemy.

GEMINI Season is MERCURY Season! Let's celebrate! Ready for a breath of fresh air? Gemini...

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A single spark illuminates the darkness, Aries season is here!New beginnings abound in life and...

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Each month Queen City Alchemy will be featuring a delicious tea blend and talented tarot...

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Queen City Alchemy Lab

Which path will you take... Join us this season in the Queen City Alchemy Lab for an evening full of inspired herbal magick. Together we will explore the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water to help you decide which elixir is right for you to create an incredible bath & body product of your choice. Call up your coven and schedule a time slot today to get in on this unique experience! We'll be waiting for you...

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