Aries Season is Mars Season

A single spark illuminates the darkness, Aries season is here! New beginnings abound in life and in nature alike with this cosmic fresh start that coincides with the arrival of Spring. The astrological new year is a reset button that rejuvenates our lives for the better. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, who sparks up our desires, it’s important to move towards the vision we want to create.

Wild Origins Collection

From a young age I was called to carry on the traditions of ancient ways—rhythms celebrating the power and magic held by nature. Seasonal living passed to me over generations of hill women, hearts wild as the landscape surrounding them. I invite you to share in some of my favorite stories—the ones that made me. These are my Wild Origins.


Making home more magical.

Home is the heart and soul of Queen City Alchemy. Let us help you make your space, and the spaces of all those you love, even more sacred with thoughtfully curated gifts and decor inspired by nature.


Herbal Alchemy + Magic

Traditional healing wisdom, folklore, ritual, astrology, and more from Queen City Alchemy.

One of my favorite ways to live with nature is to track lunar cycles. I do this in a number of ways and for a number of different reasons, but today, as we approach the new moon in Aries, I’m considering my Word of the Year and ways to set goals around getting to a new place.
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If you are one of our "Calling the Quarters" newsletter subscribers then you know- We...

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We LOVE wild violets! Their bright and beautiful purple blooms are one of the first signs of life we see dotting the landscape around our home in early spring. As soon as my daughter becomes aware of them she knows exactly what time it is...

Time to make some magical violet lemonade!

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