Sagittarius Season is Jupiter Season

Sagittarius season is all about alchemizing the knowledge we've acquired throughout the year so far and running it against the litmus test of our heart to fully integrate the wisdom gained into our lives. Ruled by planet of expansion Jupiter, which brings a magnifying effect to everything it touches, Sagittarians can have some big, life-loving personalities who love a good adventure, being at the heart of any party, and exploring fully what life has to offer. It's no wonder that Sag season has no shortage of celebration. Let's all revel in the moment!

Wild Origins Collection

From a young age I was called to carry on the traditions of ancient ways— rhythms celebrating the power and magick held by nature. Seasonal living passed to me over generations of hill women, hearts wild as the landscape surrounding them. I invite you to share in some of my favorite stories—the ones that made me. These are my Wild Origins.


Making home more magickal.

Home is the heart and soul of Queen City Alchemy. Let us help you make your space, and the spaces of all those you love, even more sacred with thoughtfully curated gifts and decor inspired by nature.


Herbal Alchemy + Magick

Traditional healing wisdom, folklore, ritual, astrology and more by Queen City Alchemy.

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